MOPS International Mission Statement

MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women, and leaders, in relationship with Jesus and in partnership with the local Church.

What is MOPS?

Call us biased, but we think MOPS is a great place to be! Together, we commit to helping moms grow in confidence, in relationships as mothers, wives, and friends, and most importantly in her relationship with Christ.

Join us to laugh, cry, and embrace the journey of motherhood together!

We are moms, and we believe that better moms make a better world.

Free Indeed

What do you long for? What is the thing that your heart craves?

Is it possible that your deepest desire is to be free?

Free from worry.

Free from feeling stuck.

Free from hustling to be loved.

Free from a heaviness you can't put your finger on.

Free from thinking you should be someone other that exactly who you are.

At the core, maybe what we are all longing for is the Free Indeed.

Choosing freedom is a deeply spiritual act, one that our souls long for. That is why this year, we choose wild, unexpected freedom; the kind that brings more laughter and less worry, more contentment and less hustle. Freedom that is so contagious, the people around us are compelled toward their own liberation.


At Our Meetings You'll Find...

Welcome for Women
Leadership Development
Honest Conversation
Relevant Teaching
Creative Activities


Mothers care deeply about their children. They'll instinctively look to meet their child's needs before thinking about their own. A mom needs assurance about her child's well-being and happiness before she can get the most of her time in MOPS. The Moppets ministry contributes to meeting the needs of children, as well as the needs of their moms, through quality care and biblical teaching.

Martha Jackson

Women's Ministry Liaison


First Baptist Church of El Paso

805 Montana Avenue

El Paso, Texas 79902

(915) 533-1465