The long process of searching for a new senior pastor, which our dedicated committee members have taken to heart and diligently set out to complete, has led to one single candidate! Attend the Town Hall meeting on Sunday evening, June 25, to hear all about this pastor candidate and his family. On Sunday morning, July 9, he will come to preach in view of a call during both morning worship services at 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m., after which all FBC members will be given the opportunity to vote by hidden ballot. We praise God for his faithfulness in all things, and especially in this matter of hiring a new senior pastor of First Baptist Church. Please continue to pray as we all move forward together under His leadership.

A Note from the Pastor Search Committee...

The committee has established an email address exclusively to receive comments from our church congregation. This email may be used to communicate any concerns, comments, suggestions, etc… that you see fit to share with us. Please feel free to use this as often as you like:

Each and every comment will be read by the committee. Every committee member has access to this email. We also have committee members assigned to organize these messages and make sure they are properly addressed by the committee.

Because of the volume of material the committee is absorbing, please understand that this is largely a “one way” communication system. It is unlikely that we will be responding directly to every message received. This also serves our commitment to confidentially. Direct questions often cannot be answered as we protect the existing ministries of prospective candidates.

The committee has agreed to respond as determined necessary through the voice of our chairman, Mr. Dick Clark. Reports from the committee will be provided from the church pulpit and this website as we continue to seek God’s will for our new senior pastor at First Baptist Church El Paso.

The search committee thanks you for your continued prayers and support.