Paisano Encampment

Less than a few hours east of El Paso, in the Davis Mountains between Marfa and Alpine, Texas, lies Paisano Baptist Encampment.

Paisano Baptist Encampment sits at the foot of Paisano Peak and was started nearly one hundred years ago as a refreshing gathering of cowboys during the summer months, as well as a time for them and their families to enjoy good preaching and Bible study, stirring music, lots of delicious cowboy cooking, and great family fun. Paisano Baptist Encampment still maintains those wonderful values. Paisano is not affiliated with any denomination or convention and welcomes all believers who want to share this great rustic experience.

The Family Camp runs from Sunday night through Friday noon during the last full week of July each year.  All meals are cooked right there. Attendees enjoy fellowship at picnic-style tables in an open-air shed. There is no charge for either the camp or the meals; a free-will offering is gathered during the week to offset these costs.

Weather during camp week is usually very warm and dry (sometimes in the 90's or even approaching 100 degrees in the afternoon). It is not unusual, however, to enjoy a nice rain shower at any time.

Some of the finest preachers and Bible teachers in the country provide leadership each year at the camp. There are Bible studies and preaching, family ministry time, and prayer sessions each morning, along with a wonderful worship time each night. The camp provides planned activities for everyone in the family including children and students.

First Baptist Church has a lodge which can accommodate up to 32 people in four air-conditioned bedrooms, each with eight bunks. There are two ladies' rooms with a large bathroom area, and the same for men. There is also a nice kitchen and spacious gathering area.  Everything in the camp is nearby and can be reached easily by walking.

The cabin is accessible from April 15 through October 15. There is a small fee for cabin use at times other than camp week. Arrangements can be made through the church office at 533-1465.